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Tomorrow we walk with hands as one.
We, being unoccupied, sleep afternoons.
Tomorrow we redefine fun.
We, losing concentration, stare into the sun.

Tomorrow we forget to know wrong.
We, boiling in the heat, forget to be cold,

when we grow old.

Melting like a cat caught in the corona of a star that's so bright I can't see,
I'll liquefy under the pressure of the biggest sky.

Tomorrow we sublimate into the air.
Tomorrow we find that we don't care.
We, being like hydrogen, combust and disappear.

Tomorrow we can reinvent the Right.
We, being blank paper, into airplanes fold,

when we grow old


from To the Ones My Ears Love, released April 18, 2010




The Poets of Caterwaul Chicago, Illinois

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